Making transport planning easy and effective
by untangling millions of movement traces
Making transport planning
easy and effective
by untangling
millions of movement traces
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Digital movement traces provide a wealth of information about transport needs that is essential to better plan and optimize resource allocations.

Products / Services

Fast and scalable tools for movement data pre-processing, knowledge extraction and management, and evidence-based transport planning and optimization.

Data processing

Scalable and accurate map matching of movement traces.

Knowledge discovery and management

Movement pattern discovery and management, visual analytics, data compression and anonymization.

Transport planning and optimization

Easy, interactive, and evidence-based planning. Up to 5X more cost-effective plans than competitors.

Use Cases

Charging infrastructure planning
Transport hub planning
Transit route planning
Hub-to-hub corridor planning
Consolidated logistics planning
Merge-in-transit planning
Intelligent fleet management


Legend has it that a peasant farmer named Gordias fulfilled a prophesy by driving into the city of the Phyrgians on an ox-cart and so became their king. To commemorate the event, the ox-cart was tied to a post with an intricate, tightly entangled knot that could not be untied for several centuries. The man to unravel the knot was prophesized to become the ruler of all of Asia. Upon his arrival, Alexander the Great, after some unsuccessful struggle with the knot, drew his sword and sliced the knot in half with a single stroke and later went on to conquer Asia.

The name Gordian is based on the the Gordian Knot metaphor. In particular, movement traces have a similar entangled characteristic as the Gordian knot. The problems that Gordian solves are also (seemingly) intractable and Gordian provides effective and elegant solutions to such problems. By untangling knots of movement traces, Gordian unleashes sustainable transport solutions.

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